Augmenti participated in Bold Quest 2011

Together with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) Augmenti participated in Bold Quest 2011 at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, USA. Bold Quest 2011 is a multinational exercise involving 13 NATO countries and took place from September 8th through September 22nd.

The purpose of Bold Quest is to provide the tools and skills needed by ground and air sources that, when implemented, will increase the situational awareness of war fighters and hence minimize the risk of so-called “friendly fire”.

For this exercise Augmenti had integrated its AR-software, BEWARE, with the Vingtaqs II sensor platform from Vinghøg, used for reconnaissance.

The feedback we got from the Norwegian soldiers using our product was very positive and will help us to further develop our AR products in close relationship with our partners FFI and Vinghøg.