AR and BMS – Enhanced Situational Awareness

The 7 November 2012 Augmenti Defence and the Defence Research Establishment (FFI) signed an agreement on the development of Augmented Reality (AR) for the armed weapon station Protector Nordic, supplied by Kongsberg Protech Systems. The project was also supported by Innovation Norway as an OFU project (Public research and development).

The October 8, 2015 Augmenti Defence together with FFI conducted the final demo and system test on the solution for specially invited guests. Among these was the Army Weapons School, the Army’s cavalry division (KESK), the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organization (FLO), Kongsberg Protech Systems and BAE Systems AB.

The demonstration was conducted around a hypothetical scenario, prepared by the Army’s cavalry division, and executed with the use of the Army’s CV-90 tracked combat vehicles, one IVECO Light Multirole Vehicle fitted with the Protector Nordic weapons station and one squad.

AR and BMS (Battlefield Management System) – Improved situational awareness:

  • Moves BMS info from map to scene (weapon sight)
  • Operator can keep their eyes on the scene
  • Use of BMS-info in time-critical phases
  • Faster and more precise interpretation of the data

Operative advantage with AR based on BMS Information:

  • Provides a situation picture directly in the weapon sight, do not need to switch between BMS screen and weapon sight
  • Makes better use of BMS-information in time-critical phases
  • Gives information in the weapon sight where friendly, including enemy objects, are located
  • Decreases risk for Blue-on-Blue (Blue Force Tracking)
  • Provides common and unambiguous basis for communication around the tactical situation
  • Significantly faster alignment against targets and engaging these targets
  • Can create common ground points (benchmarks) for the vehicle commander´s possibility of directing his forces and for the target acquisition.
  • View the recommended driving route and hazardous areas (e.g. possible minefield)

The demonstration included the following:

  • A picture of the tactical situation in the weapons station
  • Blue force tracking
  • Various observations
  • Squad adds a target in the BMS, appears in AR
  • Entering a target in the BMS via RWS laser, and displays it by the use of AR
  • Voice and AR in combination
  • Indicating basic points as reference points for voice and the maneuvering of troops
  • Demonstrate that coordination of troop maneuvering in general becomes easier and faster with AR
  • Demonstrate AR when the IVECO is speeding, and with the RWS in full operation.